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Mountain Gloves Horse Red Adult Royal Crochet An air steward has become an internet sensation after a video emerged of him entertaining passengers with terrible one-line jokes.

The cabin crew member on the Ryanair flight between Glasgow and Dublin surprised his guests last weekend when he started telling jokes over the intercom.

The funnyman took to the microphone and cracked some cringe-inducing but hilarious one-liners.

Most of his jokes are met with audible groan but laughter soon filled the cabin shortly after.

Some of his wisecracks included: “Have you heard about the man who was living in a tyre? He had a puncture. Guess where he lives now? In a flat.”

During one quip, passengers beat the funnyman to the punch line.

In the video he can be heard asking: “What do you call a Spanish guy who lost his car?”

Before he could deliver the punch line, some passengers shouted out the answer “Carlos”.

Another joke heard in the footage is: “What do you call a Spanish guy with a rubber toe? Roberto!”

But the crew member didn’t stop there, he continued: “Do you know what happened to guy who broke his left leg and left arm? He’s alright now.”

He finally ended his act with a sushi pun before thanking his audience: “What does a sushi say to a bee? Wasabi!”

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